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Maternity & Children’s Photography in Orlando

Create Memories That Will Last a Lifetime

Your time with you children is limited. They grow up quickly and yesterday is already gone and you wonder if you’ll remember all the things about your children. That is why these maternity and children’s portrait sessions are meaningful. These special portraits capture precious moments of mothers together and children, embracing, leaning on one another, and laughing in each other’s arms. Portraits allow you to hold onto this breathtaking moment in your life. The feeling is so intense, you could cry thinking about how much you love them!

Maternity & Children’s Portraits

What to Expect at a Maternity or Children’s Photo Session

What would you love to remember the most about your child at the age they are now? We are attentive to the fine details that make all the difference in creating a memory that you will cherish forever. We will plan your photo session, determine if you want a makeup artist, and coordinate your outfits together. We will schedule your reveal session about a week after the photography. Expect to come back to the studio for delivery of your heirloom quality portrait products that will honor the best of your child and be treasured for generations.

Maternity and children’s portrait sessions may include:

  • Maternity Portrait Planning
  • Hair & Makeup Artists
  • Wardrobe Consultation
  • Expression Coaching
  • Guided Posing 
  • A Private Space for Nursing

Featured Heirloom Prints

What our clients say

I adore the images Susan created of me and my babies. With her artistic and empathetic eye, she creates portraits that capture the essence of your loved ones, and that moment in time is preserved forever. I look forward to the day when my children’s children come into this home, and enjoy these works of art as well.
Susan has the ability to empower people by showing them how truly glorious they are.


Charna W.

Susan has done portraits of my 4 boys since they were babies. She has an authentic presence with children that puts them at ease allowing her to capture them in a cheerful joy that i can still see in her work now, over 15 years later.
This year my youngest, like his brothers, has done his senior photos with Susan. My sons are all so very different but she was able to connect with each of them and use her talent to portray them in so many beautiful exposes it is difficult for me to chose which I love most. Susan is a true gem, I cherish her artist genius and her heart. <3

Irene M.

My wife, Trish, took the children to a photo shoot with Susan when they were young. Many years later, Trish ordered a photograph (on metal) from that session and gave it to me for Christmas. Not only is it my favorite gift ever, but it’s an image which is burned into my mind. Now that my wife has passed, it’s even more special to me.

John H.

It really is hard to express how much I love the photo you took of my sons 16 years ago. It’s amazing in its’ accuracy of their relationship today. Ethan (the hugger, trying to hold on to his brother) is still very nurturing and kind. Jacob is funny and busy, always off to the next thing. It must be so nice for you to know how many people gaze at your artistry and are thankful for what you saw and captured. I hope you DO know this!!!!!

Mary C.

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